Orvieto is a very ancient wine already produced by the Etruscans on the slopes dominated by the high rock of tufa. Favourite of popes and aristocrats, called by G. D’Annunzio “sole d’Italia in bottiglia” (“Italian sun in a bottle”), over the centuries it has become one of the worldwide symbols of Orvieto. Bigi’s Orvieto, today in the unmistakeable specially designed “Gaudy” bottle, represents the cellar’s flagship wine, considered one of its most prestigious products. Orvieto Bigi, produced since 1880, is available in two styles secco and amabile (dry and medium sweet), both from the same grapes: which are Trebbiano Toscano (locally called Procanico), Verdello, Grechetto, Malvasia Toscana and Drupeggio. The “amabile” version is probably the oldest oenological expression of Orvieto. In antiquity, in fact, the storing of the new wine in very cold conditions helped to maintain a high level of residual sugar.